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Obsessed with Scrapbooking

Obsessed with Scrapbooking

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Posted: 02 Apr 2012 11:13 AM PDT

Welcome to day one of the great Spring Clean Out of my craft room!  You may remember this photo from yesterday and facebook:

So, what did I do?  See the before shot again below. I've numbered the big areas that I handled:
  1) I consolidated this section of drawers down by purging.
  2) These are the Art Bin Cricut storage boxes - I'm redoing my Cricut cartridge storage due to the volume of cartridges I own (YIKES!)- that will be in another post.
  3) These were drawers full of scraps.  While I like the system of storing scraps in this way, it is taking up too much room on the desk.  I went through these drawers and cleaned out the scraps.  I got rid of scraps that were too small or of paper I just don't like.  I got rid of these drawers and replaced them with Jetmax drawers you will see farther down in the post.
  4) What is that?  It's a pink sterilite 3 drawer container.  It had contained punches and those 4.5"x6.5" DCWV paper pads.  I purged some of this and relocated a lot of the punches.  I wasn't using my punch space well.  I was able to put everything into the white 5-drawer sterlitle container next to it (more on that below).
  5) My Clip It Up with my Cricut Cartridges (more about this on THIS VIDEO).
  6) This is where my Expression was (without her little pink and white flowered cozie) and actually it is why I even decided to redo this whole desk layout of stuff.  The problem is that there is not a good place to put my computer since I'm using the Cricut Craft Room.  It's hard to put together the cuts since on the left, it is too narrow and of course, here, covered in paper.
  1) My Scotch ATG gun holder - love this!  I just picked this up at my local scrapbook store. I believe someone's hubby on the Cricut message board also makes these so you could ask over there for one. I need to alter it or paint it.
  2) The 5 drawer Sterilite container from above.  From top to bottom, drawer one has chalk inks, drawer two has stamp blocks and clear bags, drawer three has bling, wiggle eyes and twine, drawer 4 has iron on vinyl and extra ribbon and drawer 5 has those 4.5" x 6.5" paper pads.
  3) This is my cover for my Expression.  Kathy from Kathy's Cozies made this - it is quilted with two layers and very high quality.  She lets you choose exactly how you want the cozie to look.  You can see her cozies HERE and also order there.  I have covers for the E, E2, Imagine, Cuttlebug and Mini.  She makes them for all kinds of machines (including other brands like Sizzix, Silhouette, etc.).
  4) This is where I am storing my trimmer and Scor Pal (for now).
  5) These containers hold paper and paper pads relevant to the season we are in.  I change these out as the seasons change.
  6) My new funky pillow from Hobby Lobby (got it today - 50% off!). Chair from Ikea.
  7) My Clip It Up with stamp storage on it now.
Underneath my computer monitor/TV screen, I have a hook that holds my mats - very convenient!
Here is a close up of my ribbon and button storage.  Just pinning the ribbon down helped!  The plastic bottles for the buttons will not all fit nicely so I had to turn them and add a color code to the lid.  Above are my bottles of glitter and glitter glue.
I like to be able to see my stamps!  The top section works for those really large Martha Stewart punches OR her Punch Around the Page sets.
  Here, I have my full size ink pads close at hand.
And now my Clip It Up is being used for clear stamp storage.  I need to be able to see what I have and this is a quick way to thumb through them.  I should further organize these into categories at some point.
To hang the smaller stamps up, I used a few methods.  I got these sheet protectors from Staples that Martha Stewart makes (they have clear and this aqua color).  You can see more about them HERE. I like the one with two pockets as it holds two sets of clear stamps just perfectly!

The top tier holds lots of Close to My Heart stamps.  In addition, I reused some heavy duty envelopes I got at Hobby Lobby (look in the stamp storage section - these go in a black binder).

Finally, we get over to the paper and tool station (not sure what else to call it).  On the right, you can see the Jetmax drawers I got.  They are labelled with the color of scraps inside of them. Much more attractive looking. The open cardstock is easy to find.  The drawers hold adhesives, extra cuts I've made but not used, some embellishments, punches, electrical cords (gypsy, USB, etc.).  
The pink bin below holds all the 6"X6" paper pads.

I ended up donating my extra items to two of my mom's friends who are just getting into the hobby (the first one's always free...LOL!)

What do you guys think?

Check back tomorrow for the next section of the room - the Cuttlebug area!

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  1. good grief girl.. you got more stuff than our local sbooking store!!!!!!!!!! well done for getting all that organised... looks great you should be proud of yourself!