Saturday, September 10, 2011

I just wanted to share my personal memories of today and what I was doing.  We all know where we were and what we were doing that day 10 years ago.  I just read something moving on one site by a lady who was only 10 at the time and remembers everything vividly.  That's like the 3rd or 4th grade!  

I was a receptionist at a Dr.'s office and was on the phone scheduling an appointment. I was taking the lady's information when she said there was a plane crash at the WTC and described in detail what she saw. I hung up with her and told my co workers. One of the girls just coming in to work, heard much more on the radio and said it was like they were flying into the buildings. I remember saying "oh don't be crazy. Nobody does that on purpose." A lady who live a couple of blocks away ran home to get a small tv and by that time, we saw the second plane crash live. We all stood there together and no one could speak. I sat down up against the wall and couldn't even cry. Phones were ringing, and I remember I couldn't move to go answer them.

All I could think of was that my husband worked by the airport in Midland, TX and since that's one of GW Bush's hometowns, I feared an attack on our town. By this time, the second tower collapsed and I saw my boss, a lady who is very strong of faith and spirit, slide down the wall and sit on the floor and openly weep. I worked in a vet's office, where bad things happen quite often, and I'd never seen her cry until that day. Later in the day, an older man came in and was paying his bill, when I asked him if we was scared. He said "darlin we should all be scared".

The following pictures are even more meaningful today than they were in November when I took them.  We were privileged enough to tour the Pentagon Memorial during our visit to Washington, D.C.  Hope you will enjoy seeing them and appreciate their significance.  

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