Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Letter To Provo Craft:

Yes Fed Ex LOST my 4 th replacement machine.  Its  50 pounds and in a pretty large box. They dropped the 3rd replacement and it and my 2nd replacement are sitting on the floor. Can this really be happening?  I mean seriously folks.  Oh and they forgot to tell me thar their replacement machine thats going out that day had not even been produced yet and it would be two weeks to send it out. They lied. This  was AFTER waiting two weeks,  they FORGOT to send me my 3rd replacement machine and I had to call and remind then to send me one. 

For my trouble, I've received  2 cartridges and a tiny credit on my .com account. Is this enough?  No I don't think it is.  A free Circle Membership and at least half if my 15 cartridge wish list is in order. I've lost count at how long i've been waiting.  

I'm posting this everywhere there is a bulletin board or a forum for someone to read. I'm going to be obnoxious and rude about this. I AM TIRED OF WAITING!!  Do you people in Utah understand me?  Am I making myself clear enough for you? People need to know what is happening when they pay $500 fir a product and this is the bull crap they have to endure. This shouldn't be a test if my patience.  Thank you 

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