Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scary Day

Yesterday was a day I hope not to EVER go through again.   A wild fire broke out about 10 miles from my house and with the wind blowing 40 mph it carried the fire to within 2 blocks of my house. We had a mandatory evacuation order. So I had to grab two cats and 4 dogs and leave on my own. It was kinda crowded in the car to say the least, but everybody did really good.  One of my older cats ran under the bed and I cried but I had to leave her in God's hands.  My husband couldn't get home because he is in charge of the safety at his work and helps to coordinate the communications between all the emergency agency's in the area. I had some MS challenges almost done, but because I had to leave, scrapping wasn't on my mind till the danger passed. I went to my friend Melissa's house and stayed for a few hours.  We ate and I showed her some of my pages.  I don't think she was too thrilled to have me and my 6 animals along with her 3, but everybody got along and she was so gracious to feed them because we didn't bring food.  One of my very dear friends, who also had to evacuate asked me if I took my Barry Manilow albums!  LOL  I said no, but I'm thinking that's not a bad idea next time...

And, I was in the dentist's office just a couple of hours before with a tooth ache and found out that I've fractured a tooth due to stress clinching. My dentist actually called me himself, WOW and asked if I was avoiding stress and resting, and I told him about the evacuation and he said better luck tomorrow.  I might lose my tooth.  I hope my night guard gets here pretty soon.  

So, today I will work on my challenges and get the house straightened up for the maid to come tomorrow.  

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