Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Luv Bugs Bow Wow Boutique Fashion Show Saturday 05-14-2011

Saturday was Fashion Show day at Luv Bugs.  It was to raise money for the Lone Star SPCA.  They brought some dogs and customers brought their dogs too.  There were 23 pets in all.  It was a lot of fun.  There were all shapes and sizes of dogs and  both boys and girls.  Everybody took turns bringing their pets up the ramp and modeling to the tunes. There was an emcee and a professional photographer available.  Of course I bought the CD with all the pictures because they were ALL good pictures!!    Here are the highlights:
The stage!

Tina Elliott (owner ) and her sister in law Lisa (emcee)

This Basset Hound was a rescue pup.  Isn't she cute?

Here is Tina with her dog Baxter.  She is modeling one  of the  doggie "papooses" for sale .

This girl's dog even did tricks for the audience.  

Of course THE MOST handsome dog in the show!!  Flash Ritchie.  He is wearing a little t shirt with a whale on the front.

And the star:  Miss Princess Fiona; wearing her hot pants!

This is her wearing her new "Doggles"  They really do have UV protection and are very soft.  She  is still getting used to them. I think this is pretty stinking funny!

The first of the professional pictures.

One VERY tired super model!!

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