Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today's Events

Hi Everybody!! I'm feeling especially fussy today. First I took my dog Fox to the vet this morning and found out that he has a Mass Cell Carcinoma on his leg. Cancer and animals twice this year already? Nice. Good news is it can be removed and sent off and hopefully contained to the one area.

Then, I saw a dog locked in a hot pickup today with the windows barely cracked. When I called animal control and they came out, they refused to write the guy a citation because he had made it back to his car. It still wasn't turned on. So I know the dog was hot. It was, after all, 93 degrees outside today! Yet, if I turn my sprinklers on the wrong day, I face a 2 thousand dollar fine. Makes perfect sense to me.

Then, I went to get my Thyroid checked. The drs. office wanted me to pay my copay even the insurance said I didn't have to. So I had them write orders to go elsewhere. Where, btw, I waited 30 minutes and got no help!!

I'm going to DQ now to get a blizzard and forget about today.

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